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Printing services for events

PRINTING, one of the most used terms during production and at fabrication sites. From augmenting the visual appeal of any event/event venue, to aiding in branding and marketing, printing plays a great role in brand communication & representation. In fact, studies have shown, one tends to retain more if read on paper v/s online.

With time, a lot has evolved over the years for good, to meet the customer demands. Printing too has advanced and today has adopted several techniques to result in different outcomes. Some of the most commonly used printing styles are:

- Flex / Flex Printing
- Offset Printing
- Large Format Printing
- Digital Printing
- 3D Printing
- Screen Printing

The most recent addition to this family is ‘New age printing’ namely-

- Fabric printing
- UV printing
- Modular Display Units
- Acrylic Units
- FSU’s

Largely depending upon the size, durability & the material on which printing is required, the kind of printing is chosen.

Choose from a list of proficient Printers in your city and near your event location with ease, only via Event Assist India. You may also reach out to us for any related assistance.