Event Essentials (Power – Safety – Hygiene – Rentals)

Category : Event Essentials (Power – Safety – Hygiene – Rentals)

Event Essentials (Power – Safety – Hygiene – Rentals)

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Essential services for events in india

Amidst the macro elements of any event, there are numerous other micro elements that are inevitable in smooth functioning of the event in question. Under ‘Event Essentials’, this is what is addressed and focussed upon by Event Assist. These elements may be the smaller details of execution, but are extremely important; like Genset, UPS, any electronic equipment which can come on rent, Event safety equipment, furniture, and most importantly event permissions and event licensing, just to name a few.

From hiring Genset, UPS and Power distributor to be able to power the event, to making sure that the safety equipment is in place such as fire extinguishers to facilitate all covid protocols for successful implementation. From getting customized furniture as per requirement, to hiring rental equipment like laptop, Q Mangers, Wire Managers and getting all required permissions and licenses in place before hand. These all contribute to making the event a smooth one without last minute chaos, stress & delays.