Fabrication and Venue Constructs

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Fabrication and Venue Constructs

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Fabricators for events in india

The process of manufacturing new structures, physical designs & products for any form of event, is termed as ‘Fabrication’ / ‘Production’. This forms as an integral part of the execution as it is basically the visual & physical representation of the brief given by any brand to the planner. Giving life to the brand’s requirements and ideas is the task upon the shoulders of the event planner & his fabricator with production team wherein the Fabricators offer a tailored solution to best meet the needs of the client / Brand / Event Planners. This is one of the elements of event planning that includes the role of highly creative minds, craftsmen & technicians. It entails extreme attention to minutest details with a unique range of capabilities under one roof, such as carpentry, metal working, paint and finish and full graphics production, printing and the likes.

When it comes to creating modular, semi modular, and wooden structures, Event Assist partners provide services like stage fabrication, exhibition stall construction, Customized kiosk and booth for BTL Activation, Customized backdrop fabrication, stall fabrication, Concert production, temporary structures like tents, German pagodas, Décor, Hanger and Octonorm stalls amongst other customized installations.