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Technology and Digital companies in india

Essentially, event technology denotes any form of technology, be it hardware or software, being specifically used for the purpose of an event. The term ‘event tech’ is becoming an increasingly common term within the event industry. Event tech basically implies the use of advanced technological facets for conducting or supporting new-age events, exhibitions, and activations digitally. It is an umbrella term used for varied types of technology such as mobile applications, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence etc. Digital technology today is reshaping the events industry for the better with the influx of social media (for marketing and socializing purposes), software’s (such as registration), mobile event apps (providing host of features, information, and tools about the event), engagement tools (such as chatbots etc), streaming services, virtual platforms and so much more! Imbedding technology in events is an effortless way to make an everlasting impact by (1) creating the WOW factor (2) engaging a massive audience base with its ease of use and utility. It also comes handy in measuring the success alongside gathering useful insights.

With a great deal of effort and experience, the Event Assist India’s team has curated a list of event-tech providers for smooth one-point contacts for digital-era queries. Connect with us for any guidance / further assistance.

Event Assist India have curated a unique category under its umbrella where registered partners provide services for Virtual, Hybrid Event and new age metaverse additionally providing modernistic implementation of technology in new age BTL Activations & Events.