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Indoor and outdoor venues in india

Securing a suiting venue to host the event, is one of the most essential and preliminary task for any event organiser. Yes, you may have worked with few venues in the past however with every new event, comes a new requirement hence change becomes inevitable. An event venue can be indoors or outdoors aka closed / open. In today’s world, online is another ‘virtual’ venue being massively explored for digital events. Venues can also range from halls to amphitheatres or in fact can be chosen basis the target audience availability (E.g., Malls or RWAs). The requirements from the venue such as F&B, Govt implied permissions etc & the nature of the event (E.g. Formal/informal) also play an important role in selecting a venue.

There are a few factors that directly impact the choice of the venue:

- Nature of the event
- Target Audience
- Budget
- Location
- Layout
- Capacity &
- Services/ Facilities

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