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Planning an event is a rather pressurizing job, no matter the satisfaction it gives upon successful completion & execution. There most certainly is no doubt about the fact that no event planner can actually live without the adrenaline rush of event planning, but having said that, there is no denying how draining and demanding the job is/can sometimes be.


Tiny budgets v/s stupendous expectations are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the challenges associated with the industry. Scrutinizing & finalizing partners across domains of operations, production, and execution, that match your work ethics, to ensure a good event, is another starting point of worry. Work-life balance becomes difficult amidst the never-ending stretched work hours and time-management a dream, as there is tremendous reliance on third parties who one collaborates with at every level of execution. While multi-tasking between all these taxing activities and coordination, one tends to forget to tend to his own self; leading to STRESS.



As we begin to share how events can be planned in a stress-free manner (or at least with minimal stress involved), the underlining fact that is essential for every single person to truly understand is that- One cannot pour from an empty cup; interpreted as – one cannot take care of others, till he is himself taken care of.



Gone are the days when people demanded just their brand names without considering the quality being delivered. Post pandemic scenario has made the market extremely competitive where quality is being achieved at a tremendously competitive cost. As everyone sorts of begins from the scratch now, this is the right time to expand reach and connections and move forward from the same old vendors (who, let’s be honest, may have been taking you for granted). Another inevitable part of the new-normal is coping and adapting to the new technology advancements. Platforms such as Event Assist are a step towards exactly that; Digitally connecting the entire industry professionals on one common platform with easy accessibility pan India for the benefit of both the parties and with an aim to boom the events industry in the long run by ensuring good quality & amicable working with healthy competition.


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Needless to say, working with the right partners and people results in a fruitful, long-term association alongside aiding in making the event a success. This is applicable across fields of working during the event, from the production team who work overnight to create set-ups or the backstage team who coordinate smooth functioning to the guest management promoters to the entertainment elements. Big or small, every part played right is a step towards victory.


Time management amidst the gazillion tasks in the task sheet tends to go for a toss irrespective of the efforts put in to abide by it. Make this easier to achieve by creating checklists and deputing teams/members with deadlines, to ensure answerability and meeting timelines. Prepare for everything in advance, ideally with one day’s buffer time in hand; it’s always better to under-promise and over-deliver rather than overpromise and under-deliver right?! Prep for possible last-minute goof-ups and contingencies. Always have one backup person available on the ground for last-minute running around. Pro Tip: It sometimes helps to have one dedicated client servicing person to keep the client calm and tend to their requirements without creating a chain of conversation for faster communication and turnaround. Lastly, do not forget to make room for relaxing your team in the checklist to ensure everyone is fully charged and giving their best shot while in action.





As we conclude, another Pro Tip coming your way to reduce stress levels during event planning, be it your own or the teams, that really helps in keeping the spirits high and the working smooth as a well-oiled machine- Always, always celebrate small wins in the process of achieving the big goal. The thought here is that as opposed to zeroing in on your ultimate objective, you center on the means it takes you to arrive. Keeping motivated is the only thing that will keep you going towards the end goal.





In all honesty, in spite of taking all these measures, you still cannot guarantee a glitch-free and stress-free event, but these should most certainly ensure a smoother run and keep the will to excel alive, event after event. We are all eventually learning every day, be open to setbacks, learn from them; be open to feedback, improve from them and keep the ball rolling.

All the best!